Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh My Gosh....A Very Busy Morning!

Every time I make a PROMISE....Well NOT every time! 
BUT it sure seems like it TODAY!
So, Here WE go....
Got in late last night, after midnight! Posted a quick note, bed by 1:30AM.
Made a promise to post by 12:00 pm Friday! HA!!!
Got up at 8, with a list of "To Do's".....That got thrown out the WINDOW!
 Phones ringing, texts coming in, emails galore!
 Oh, Yeah....I thought while checking the email....I REACHED 100 combined members. 
I knew it was coming SOON!
GRABBED the crumbled "To Do" list and added....Random Drawing! 
I grabbed my phone and did my random drawing from 1-100. 
Yeah!!!! Number 38! Anxiously waiting to know who 38 was...
I logged into the blog!
Phone Rang! Again...
Well, family comes first! Stopped what I was doing! Grumble-Grumble...
Oh, it's the SON gotta answer....Hello?
OH NO! What Happened? YIKES!!!
Raelyn dislocated her shoulder AGAIN!
OUCH! How many times is that? LOST COUNT! On the way to the hospital!
OKAY keep me posted! SORRY, Rae....
Informed the HUBBY and BACK to the Blog!
Mmmm...38....Yeah!!! A winner...
I was excited to inform the WINNER
By this time I had grown
 OCTOPUS arms!
I was preparing breakfast, working on the post, doing dishes, playing secretary, to myself, with the phone calls & texts...OH My!
FLIPPED on the burner to my STOVE and...
YES...my right arm! What the heck? 
I can't believe THIS day!
(My shoulders have been bothering me due to my 3 types of Arthritis! I had separated the Left arm the day before Thanksgiving. That was BAD & Sore. I had flipped and EGG!
Should I stop cooking Breakfast? 
My right arm; twice while sleeping and this morning!)
*Mental note: Apologize to Hubby! Scared HIM with my SCREAMS!!!
Wow, Can I Have a Do Over Day, PLEASE?
We had breakfast as soon as I took a pain pill and quit crying! Then I sent a message to the WINNER of the Blog contest. 
She was SOooo excited!
And then I walked upstairs to my studio and went to WORK!
Whew....Boy was I happy to go to WORK. And things have settled down, somewhat...pain pill kicked in and poor RAE is still waiting in the ER!
"Love you girl, we are praying for YOU!"
**(Update: Rae's arm is back in place after ONLY 5 hours! YIKES!!!)
With that, I am headed off to post the fabulous recipe
 I have promised ALL of YOU!

Apologies sent with Style, NeeCee
* Any typos or Boo-Boo's are due to the PAIN PILLS!
Is this the same as Walking & Chewing GUM??? 
All photos by NeeCee @ Pine Creek Style

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