Friday, May 25, 2012

Pineapple Boat...

This will float your boat...
 Pineapple Boat that is...
Below we will show you how to cut and present an awesome looking Pineapple Boat. It's a fun way to impress your family & friends with your special carving and presentation skills. My husband learned how to make Pineapple boats while in Hawaii several years ago. I have never carved one!
He does it all and does it well! So I leave it to him.
 My husband says he picks his pineapples by the uniformity of the pineapple eyes. A little side note: Pineapples DO NOT ripen past the point of being picked.
That being said...Let's make a boat!
Twist off the top of the Pineapple 
 In a quick and firm manner
Wa-Lah...A clean top!
Cut the pineapple in half, lengthwise
 Oh yummy....my mouth is watering now!
Then cut each half into halves again. Rendering 4 pieces. Remove the cores from each piece. *Discard the cores or use as swizzle sticks for drinks.  
 Next, slice the pineapple along the inside of the outer skin. Leave the fruit sitting on the shell of the skin.
 Cut the pineapple in equal slices, across lengthwise. Leave fruit in the shell, these serve as your boat base.
 Turn the pineapple lengthwise and alternately slide the fruit pieces in opposite  directions.
 TaDa!!! Pineapple Boat!!! 
Repeat the same steps on the rest of the quartered pineapple pieces.
These make a lovely center piece.  Let ME tell you it was NOT easy taking photos, smelling the ripe pineapple and WAITING to sneak a BITE!
Showcase your Pineapple with Style...
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This is our oldest Granddaughter when she was a baby!
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Dear Baby "K"...We LOVE you Soooo much }...
Congratulations on Your Graduation and a job well done!
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Great idea. Would love for you to share it on my linky party!
Thanks, Marcie

NeeCee said...

Thanks for the invite Marcie.....hopping over there now........NeeCee