Te'te-a'-te'te contains conversations of simple wisdom and such from the "Grand Ma-ma". I have a sense of humor, and sometimes it's dry! Without humor life would be boring.....to say the least. Humor has gotten me through the everyday ups and downs that life brings! When life "brings it on", humor can save the day or... your mind! Which ever comes first!!! Of course not everything can be eased with humor, but it does help us to look beyond the locked windowless door...so to speak. So, this area of my blog is for my ramblings. I wanted a forum to share my thoughts, stories, lessons I've learned or taught, wisdom and laughter. Yes, granny ramblings! I'm happy in my world...there's room for company, your'e welcome to join me....

This section will give you reasons to laugh, cry, smile, reflect and/or enjoy. And I hope you will enjoy!
"Te'te-a'-te'te" the musings of the "Grand Ma-ma" and her ramblings. 
    If you're going to have character, do it with style...NeeCee