The Table & Such

"The Table is at the Heart of Our Home!"
Our Kitchen & The Table is the "Go To" place for all of Our Family & Friends. Anyone who knows us, knows that arriving at the Kitchen Door is right where you will find Us!
  "Front Doors are for Strangers, 
Kitchen doors are for Family & Friends!" 
We seem to always have the best conversations at The Table. Whether it is intent & business like or just silly & fun. Bingo or game night is always held at  "The Table," and you will usually find the ages ranging from young to old. We always gather in fun, friendship & sometimes in serious gaming battle mode! And then,  there are The Meals! Sometimes it's just the two of us and other times it's the whole clan! There are 15 of us, and on MOST occasions when the whole clan is here, we tend to have a FEW Extras tagging along! We LOVE to share good food,  great recipes & Good Wine....(Don't ever forget the WINE)! We take turns at "Saying Grace" and, there is usually a Toast...or TWO!
 This is our favorite toast...
"To Friends who are Family & Family who are Friends, 
         May the LOVE that we Share Never-Ever End!" 

Posts in this section will include; Menus, TableScapes & Decor, Parties with Themes....AND a lot more!
We Hope you will Enjoy Our Table with Style...

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