Monday, February 6, 2012

Stylish T-Shirt Scarf...

My grand daughter had a birthday sleep-over to attend. The newest fad is the t-shirt scarves. They are fun to wear and easy to make. Everyone loves the one's she wears to school. So she wanted to give her friend one for her birthday. Her friends favorite color is YELLOW! Finding a yellow T-Shirt was not easy on short notice. So I suggested a tie-dye t-shirt with yellow in it!
My daughter Tara (Blog:The Trendy Treehouse) made the scarf in a matter or minutes! This is a no-sew project anyone can make.
The scarf turned out so CUTE!
 I think the BIRTHDAY GIRL is going to LOVE it! 
 So simple.
You will need: 1 t-shirt (we used an extra large mens) and a pair of scissors.
 Lay the T-shirt flat.
 Cut just under the arms, straight across. Separating the top portion of the shirt. Set remaining top aside.
 Trim the bottom of the shirt, cutting off the hem.
Cut the t-shirt across the width, LEAVE attached on one side. Do NOT cut through. Leave about an inch or so uncut. This creates the circle for the scarf. Continue across the t-shirt.
Cut a small strip from the left over fabric to use as a tie.
Stretch each strand. The fabric curls and looks like long, skinny tubes. 
Continue across the scarf.

 Separate strands at the uncut side of the fabric. 
You have created a circle of fabric for the scarf.
 After separating, the fabric will look like a scarf.
 Use the small tie to finish the scarf. Tie around the fabric loops/strands.
 Tie into a knot.
 Tuck the ends underneath. This finishes the back.
 Front of the scarf tie.
  It may be worn in a single or double layer. 
 (We used a man's extra large shirt for our project so we had enough length to double wrap.)
Single layer style with a flower added.
Scarf doubled.
Doubled with a flower.
We used a Hair clip! This makes it easy to change flowers. You may choose to attach accessories by snaps, tying, button closures or safety pins. 
BUT, the hair clips were TOO easy!
We loved the colors! So many possibilities await these scarves...
A Stylish Scarf for any Girl of any Age...
They look nice when stored too!
WELL, that was EASY-Peasy!!!
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@All photos by NeeCee at Pine creek Style


Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

That is so super cute and crafty! Thanks for stopping by, it is lovely to meet you :)

NeeCee said...

Thankyou, I enjoyed your blog too! .....NeeCee

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

This looks like a fun project to do with my little niece (she's a "tween")! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog and making such nice comments. I'm following you with Linky now.

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