Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Berry Yummy....NO!!!

Arriving home later than I planned, I rushed to prepare strawberries for my dessert that night. Washing, slicing, adding sugar, I placed the bowl of berries in the fridge to chill. Working faster than normal, I was pleased with myself for everything coming together with ease. Dinner in the oven, table set, kitchen straightened and Ornery walking in the door.
I don't remember what was on the menu that night, except the Strawberry Shortcake! After we ate, I cleared the dinner dishes and retrieved the berries from the fridge. As I was assembling the dessert, I thought how yummy the red berries looked! I took Ornery his dessert and was delighted with his 
eager response......UNTIL.....he took a bite! Instantly, he spat out a mouth full of berries yelping, "SALT!"
As he ran for the faucet, I realized I had grabbed the salt canister instead of the sugar!
Needless to say, I labeled the top of all the glass canister's that night!

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