Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The Grand Mama"

The Day GrandMama was born...
My son-in-law's dry sense of humor blurted out one day, when he crowned me "The Grand Mama"! It sounded very "Regal"! Quite fitting and Queenly, I thought! After all, I am the Queen of the family! He was kidding but, I liked it! So, it stuck! 
I have several Granny nicknames but, I am for the most part Nana. My hubby, kids and grandkids live on the end of my heart strings. When those heart strings get pulled, I answer by any Granny name they choose to use!
Our oldest granddaughter set the pattern of nicknames for myself and my husband. She was, and is, a very happy child. Her laughter was contagious and joyful. She would shriek with delight at the simplest things...usually while running! (*Currently she is fast approaching seventeen! She has competed in track and/or cross country teams for the last 6 years.) On her second Easter, she was around 18 months old. That event is still embedded in our memories. She laughed and giggled and "ran" through the house between the front and back yards. Racing back and forth in her "Sunday Best" looking for Easter eggs and toys. Never once did she lose her Easter hat or Easter basket. That day she added the names of Nanny and Poppy to our Grandparent names of Nana and Papa! She had gotten so excited that the new names just popped out of her mouth. I can still hear her baby giggles and screams of delight!!! What a joy to our ears!

Since then, we have gained eight more grandchildren. Every child adding their own versions of nicknames and memories to our growing family. I have been called: Nana, Nanny, Nonna, Nonny, Nan, Nan-Mom, and Grand Mama! When I am a Great-Grandmother, I envision myself to be Grand Mama or just Granny!
But for now, I am usually known as just "Nana"!
Love your Family with Style, 

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