Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Sweet & Petite, Aways Be Neat"...Table Manners

"Sweet and petite, always be neat." This statement popped out of my mouth one evening while dining in a restaurant with our children. It sounded calm and sweet, yet they knew what I meant. "Mind your manners", in any tone of voice sounds threatening to most anyone, let alone children. (Not that I never said it!) If children know what is expected, they usually will comply. Below is a guide for using manners while dining in public or at home. 
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The Do's & Don'ts of Basic Manners and 
Gracious Dinning

Please and Thank you are always a must! Whether someone is handing you a menu or passing the butter!

Sit straight in the chair with your shoulders back and feet on the floor. Bring the utensil to your mouth, not your mouth to the plate. Drink your liquids, do not slurp or blow bubbles. You may rest your forearms on the table, but don't eat with your elbows on the table.

Never talk or drink with your mouth full. Eat quietly. Never smack your lips or make noises while eating.  Always chew with your mouth shut and swallow before speaking. Wipe your hands and mouth frequently with your napkin. Do this politely, dabbing instead of swiping your mouth. Napkins should lay on your lap when not in use.

Always taste your food before seasoning. You may or may not need them. Tasting first will insure not to offend the Chef, Cook or Host.

If you happen to receive silverware that does not look clean in a restaurant, quietly ask your server to replace it with a new set. 

Cut your food into one or two pieces at a time. Only children should have their's cut entirely into pieces. Eat one piece at a time.

Never leave your spoon in your cup or glass. It will more than likely cause an unnecessary accident.

Do take small amounts of food on your utensils. Never talk with your utensils waving in the air, especially with food on them.

Children should never be allowed to get up and run around the table in play. If a child should need discipline while dining out...excuse them from the table and take them to the restroom or outside to do so.

If you wear heavy lipstick, dab lightly with a tissue before you start to eat or drink. You should never leave heavy lipstick prints on a cloth napkin or drinking glass.

Always excuse yourself from the table if you must leave during the meal. Children should ask permission to leave the table when finished with their meal, when at home or a friends.

Always "push in" your chair when leaving the table. Place your napkin on the table, near your plate upon leaving. Do keep your table neat while dining. This lets the service staff know you respect their hard work.

Always thank your host or hostess. Let them know you enjoyed your meal.
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kcklan5casey said...

Wow Nee Cee. If we all raised our families this country would be such a wonderful place to live! Thanks for all the great advice.

NeeCee said...

Thank you, what a nice compliment....Enjoy the blog with Style....NeeCee