Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Aid Drawer...

I keep a small first aid drawer in the bathroom nearest to the backyard. This bathroom is also close to the kitchen. Easy access comes in handy when you need it most! I have a larger first aid box in the kitchen pantry up on a high shelf. It contains all my pill bottles. I like them "high" so the grand children and other children can't reach them easily. And, they should be stored where it is dry and cool.

First Aid Supplies:
Tylenol or non aspirin product
Antibiotic ointment/cream
Burn cream
Anti-itch cream
Adhesive bandages, all sizes
Liquid Bandage product
Gauze pads, several sizes
Bandaging Tape
Allergy Medicines
Cold Medicines
Disinfectants, cleaners and/or soap
Feminine pads & products
Body and Hand lotions
Ice pack/bottle
Mosquito spray
Sun Block for face and body
Medications for Nausea
Ace Bandage/s
Always prepared...  NeeCee Signature

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