Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Manners gone awry, brings backlash...

Several years ago I was shopping with some friends in another town.  We had stopped at a restaurant for lunch before heading to the next store.
We were seated in a booth, and ordered right away.
My friend and I were sitting on one side and her sister on the other. Her sister was becoming very irritated with the gentleman seated directly behind us. He apparently was staring at her, making her feel uncomfortable. After awhile, she wanted to move to another table. Unfortunately there wasn't one available. And, "HE" was still staring! We tried to calm her frustration...
Desperate, she blurted out in his direction; "Didn't your Mother ever teach you NOT to stare at people?" To which he immediately replied, "Didn't YOUR Mother teach you NOT to talk to STRANGERS!"
 Just then the waitress brought our food. Not knowing what to say, she just ate!         
She felt like a child who had just been spanked!!!
We later told her, she should/could have approached the situation differently. Or, ignored it altogether. Then, she might have felt better about the whole episode! 
*You never know how some people will react to situations. She had sounded defensive because she was frustrated.  And in his defense, there could have been a medical reason for his stare. Or, it may have been "just a stare!" We will never know.
It was a lesson learned. Always "think before you speak." Ignoring, sometimes is the most reasonable choice!  
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