Thursday, June 2, 2011

Respect the Handicap...

These photos were taken in two different towns. On two different days...very disappointing!
We have forgotten our manners, respect and common courtesy for each other. Too many of us have become down right lazy! When out shopping and trying to park...., I began to get frustrated. I had my Mom-by-Love with me. We were trying to use our placard's. (Yes, we both have one.) Everywhere I looked, there were carts blocking the parking spaces. 
How do they expect you to park or get out of your car? And, I am not excluding handicap people from doing this either....seen it happen! All I'm saying is...be considerate of others, no matter who they are or where they park. Any parking space, not just handicapped.
How many times have you (or someone with you) had to get out and move a cart or not park there at all? How hard is it to walk your cart over to the cart parking area?
Don't "do it" because some did it first! Put your carts up, offer them to someone walking by. Think of it as "exercise" walking the cart back to the store or cart corral. Do unto others....
There are different reasons people have handicap placards. Sometimes you can't see their physical handicap, but it's there! I know, I am one of them. (And, so is my Mom-by-Love)
 I have been confronted, and questioned by a rude person. Demanding to know why I was parking there! Even though, I felt threatened...I responded calmly. I told the man; "Weren't  YOU lucky YOU were born HEALTHY.  YET..., how amazing that YOU can function without a HEART!" I said it so nicely...he couldn't respond. He was too busy picking his jaw up off the ground!  
Defend yourself gracefully...   NeeCee Signature

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