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Cowboy Hat Etiquette...

A "true" Cowboy always uses his manners! Perhaps that's part of the Cowboy's romantic mystique? Or maybe, just maybe... his Mama taught him well!
                          It's nice to know people want to use etiquette...
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The picture below was taken during a cattle drive. My father-in-law is in the photo, 2nd from the right. *Note the different styles of Cowboy Hats.
 I just love this photo! 
This photo of Dad (below) was taken at the Stanford Ranch in Vina, Ca. 
 "This man was a "True Cowboy" in every way", NeeCee.
 Proud to have known (loved) him and be a part of his family.
Cowboy Hat Etiquette
The same rules apply to the "Cowboy Hat" as a regular hat 

Okay... First Thing's First! 
"Don't ever mess with a Cowboy's hat, his horse or his WOMAN" 
(that includes the saddle)!
 (*I have heard that quote so many times.)
 Cowboy Hats are very personal. 
The cost can range from moderately priced to very expensive. There are "working hats" and "Sunday Go To Meeting" hats. You never wear your "dress" hat to work or your "work" hat to Church!
You NEVER touch another man's hat without permission. 
(That's just "fighting words".) 

"Hat in Hand"
This cliche's meaning is as follows: Be differential, humble or cajoling in one's approach to another person. This saying is from an ancient custom of removing the hat or headgear as a gesture of courtesy, respect or salutation. 
(Another photo of Dad at the ranch.) 
When to remove your Hat:
~ During the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, the Passing of the Flag, In Church, during a Prayer, an indoor Wedding, a Funeral (indoors) or at the "passing" of a casket in a funeral procession.
 Hold your hat in the left hand with your right hand over your heart. You may also hold your hat in your right hand, followed by holding your hat over your heart. Either way is acceptable.
~ When you are introduced to a woman. If warranted, remove your hat (by the crown) with your left hand so that you may shake her hand with your right.
~ This should also apply to anyone who is your Elder or a "Man of the Cloth".
 In other words, the Clergy, Pastor, Priest, etc.
~ When you begin a conversation with anyone; but not needed if your just saying "hello" as you pass them.
~ It is generally considered, to always remove your hat while in a private home.
* Unless others are wearing their hat/s. It is then considered to be at the blessing of your host or hostess.
~~ Always remove your hat by the crown. *Some people do use their brim, but the brim must be strong. Do not use the edge of the brim.
 Removing the hat by the crown is the most customary.
~ If you need to adjust your hat, do so by the crown.
~ Never lay a cowboy hat down on the brim. Place your hat on it's crown, brim up. You may also use a hat stand or rack.
~ Never show the inside of of your hat. The hat band, and the inside of the crown should not be in or for public view. 
~Your hat should always be removed while dining in a restaurant.
*Unless, you're in fast food restaurant. 
"If'n yer sittin' at the counter eat'n, leave yer hat on. 
If'n yer in sittin' at a table, take it off."
(Dad and the boys. My husband is on the left.)
Tipping of the Hat:
"Tipping" the hat is a sign of respect.
Some say "tipping the hat" came from the Old West. 
In tipping the hat you "made a friendly gesture" (or intention) by moving your hand away from the  gun holster.
 Men "never" tip their hat to another man. Some say that, in the Old West, it was the same as calling the other man a "woman". 
Which of course, was fighting words! 
 Instead, a "nod" was common, if you didn't shake hands.
(My Hubby... Now that's a 10 gallon Hat!)
Some "Tipping" Rules:
~ Always tip your hat to a lady during a brief "hello" or passing.
~ When a woman thanks you.
~ When you ask a question of an elder. This means your grateful for their help and their time.
~ When you" excuse" yourself.
~ If you "interrupt" someone or their conversation...
My Husband, (below). We have the vest and matching chaps!
When a True Cowboy, Horseman, Cattlemen, Rancher uses his manners, he will never be mistaken for a City Slicker, Drugstore Cowboy, or a Hollywood!
"He's All HAT and No Cattle"!
It divides the men from the boys, so to speak!
By the way Cowgirls...the same applies to you!
 **Men appreciate manners just as much as the Ladies...
Make a Lasting Impression with Style...
(Me & My Dad...notice my hat?)

Happy Trails to you, 'til we meet again...
Hopefully, I covered everything....but, if I missed something...just use yer noggin'!
Bye y'all...


Andrew said...

This is some good advice, thanks. Should cowboy hats be worn in cars/trucks/vans?

NeeCee said...

The rule in the past was NO, unless it was part of a military code/ ruling. The Cattlemen & Cowboys of the past did not wear their hats in a vehicle. There are hat racks available today, so the hat is properly stored! It is mainly considered to be a safety issues for yourself and the hat itself! In today's society, it has become the norm to wear a hat while driving. But, some older Gentlemen/Cattlemen still considered it to not be proper etiquette. My husband is one of those men. Besides, he doesn't feel it is comfortable while driving in a confined area with the Cowboy hat on. For the most part today, this rule is not followed, but it also does not make it correct. Hope this helps answer your question. Thank you for your comments...You've certainly have Style, NeeCee