Sunday, July 17, 2011

Regarding Doors and Manners....

What to Do...

It is customary for a man to stand aside and allow a woman to enter through an open door. If the door is closed or heavy the man should open (and hold open) the door for the woman. This also applies to anyone (man or woman) if another person is entering through a door and their arms are ladened with packages.  
No one should ever take offense to this action, even if they are fully capable to open the door themselves. Common courtesy is a two way street. You should also "always" say ... "Thank You". 
A woman always goes first through a "moving" revolving door. If the revolving door is not in motion, the man should enter first, moving slowly so as the woman may follow in the same compartment/section. 
"Everyone" should hold the door open for the person behind them. Unless there is some distance between you. It is always considered "rude" to let the door slam behind you, when someone else is close at hand. Man or woman; always hold the door for a person pushing a baby stroller or if they have children with them. 
Always "enter and exit" a door on your "right"! The same goes for automatic doors.
How many time's have you been almost run down by someone walking in the door on the WRONG side? This is also "always" considered rude. 
Enter a room with Style...


Kori Donahue said...

I was just tweeting about this today!!! Great post NeeCee! Kori xoxo

NeeCee said...

Thanks Kori, I was just commenting to my husband tonight about the Doors and Manners article. We were at a county fair in central California. I commented, "I need to add some things to my manners section of the blog".
It was amazing how many people really need to man-up on the manners! Society has forgotten the art and use of manners. Very frustrating...NeeCee