Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Daily List of To Do's....

A daily list of To Do's will help cut down on chore time. If you have a daily routine, after a while, it will become a natural part of your day. 
And, hopefully, it will seem less of a chore. Being organized will also help you keep order on a chaotic day!
There ARE some days you just want to skip a chore...so Do! :)
But, leave it as neat as you can, to save you clean up time later!
Daily Chore List
1. A made bed will make the whole room feel more orderly. Which will make you more likely to pick up and put away other items. *Everyone has days the bed doesn't get "MAID" service...:)
2. Put dirty clothes in the hamper. Hang up clothes in the closet. 
*The floor is not a dresser...:)
Put shoes away, etc.
3. Sweep or dust mop the kitchen floor. *The dog can't get it all...:)
4. Do the dishes, yes...the pots and pans too! *If you are just TOO tired...at least rinse them off and stack neatly in the sink :)
5. Wipe up any spills or messes as soon as they happen. 
They will be a lot easier to clean. These spills will mainly happen in the kitchen and bathroom and laundry room. *Sorry...these ALWAYS need to be cleaned immediately!:)
You don't want a bigger mess. 
And, so far, I have not heard of a Cleaning Fairy! LOL
6. Manage your clutter DAILY! Whenever you leave a room, pick up and put away.  This is a whole family, daily chore! Help everyone in the household to make this a constant habit. The benefits are HUGE. *Nothing is worse than getting behind on this chore...YIKES :)
7. Sort the mail, magazines and newspapers. Set aside time each day to 
"purge the pile". Do this near a trash can, sort as you go! Have some in-boxes near, while you're sorting, file into the corresponding box.
 Example of labeled in-boxes: Bills, File, Catalogs/Magazines, Personal, etc. Empty your in-boxes often.
*Make a molehill out of that mountain! :) LOL
*Found this recipe box at Michael's. I thinks she's looking for that
 "Cleaning Fairy" too!
As Always, Clean with Style...
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