Monday, August 8, 2011

Embellishment adds Detail & Charm...

The top of the doors in our "new-to-us" house were the same as all of my other houses....clean, neat, plain. This house seems to "want" some formality and charm. It is a tuscany style, more formal than our previous ranch-style home with a contemporary ranch decor.
 I purchased theses door accents in wrought iron from a home decor store.
A good friend of mine helped me measure and install seven of these in the upstairs hallway.
I loved the look! An instant and charming upgrade really dressed up the hall, yet not over powering. There are a few open walls, but sparingly. The hall is wide with simple wrought sconces (up high) for lighting, down the side walls. (*See the right side of the photo above..the glass shade of the sconce is in view.)
Below is a picture showing some of the wall, in the hall.
The door accents added character, while "dressing up" the area.
Yet, keeping it simple and not overbearing. The door handles also blend nicely.
Make a "new-to-you" home become yours with Style...
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