Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Handbag Haven...

Everyone's storage is different, so determine what works best for you. 
Closet shelves, drawers, boxes, baskets etc., decide before you start.
Sort handbags by size, style, fabric and season. Leather and natural fibers need to breathe, don't crowd together. If they come with a storage bag, use them.  Do not store vinyl bags next to leather bags. Do not use plastic bins or boxes with lids.
Handbags may be laid flat in storage bags or stored standing. If stored flat sort by size, starting with large on the bottom. If standing your purses, use white balls of tissue paper to help hold their shape. 
Choose what works best for you, arrange by color or casual to dressy, etc. Develop a system to help you locate the handbag you want without a lot of searching.
Before you store your bags, empty completely and quickly clean or wipe down. Use your vacuum attachments to remove lint and such from your bags. When wiping down bags with a cloth, use your hair dryer if the area is too wet to store. This will help prevent moisture rings too. Wipe the bottom of your purse, as this is the area that gathers the most germs. If storing in bags, make storage bags for the purses that were not supplied with one. (See instructions below)  
I bought inexpensive muslin, you may (use flannel), cut material to fit the purse. Example: 52" x 26", fold in half and sew sides into a pillowcase style sack. Turn over the top, making a casing for a long shoe lace or cord to go through. The cord should be 56" long. Thread through the casing and knot the end. This creates a sack to slip the purse into. You could purchase inexpensive pillow cases too!
I used labels to describe the bags inside. This saves time, opening and searching each one! I used a luggage tag look, Wal Mart had name badge plastic sleeves, I used some blank business cards to write on and slipped into the sleeve. Then I cut some twine and tied them on! Easy and quick!
*Specific cleaning for various materials are listed below. 
Clean Leather bags easily with a damp clean cloth use warm water, squeeze excess water out. Lather the cloth with a a bar of moisturizing face soap, such as Dove. Rub well, removing all of the dirt. Buff well with a clean soft cloth.
You may also use leather polish or cream, follow the directions on the label. Lay the bag in a warm area allowing the polish to absorb. 
Brush suede bags with a suede brush. Grease marks may be removed with a little dry cleaning fluid. Or try undiluted white vinegar on a soft cloth. Brush the nap into position and allow to dry (out of direct sun light), then brush again. ***Test first in an area that is not seen. Bags may be taken to a professional dry cleaners also.
Evening Bags:
Use a soft cloth with dry cleaning fluid. Dry well by blotting or use a hair dryer on low and warm. Beaded bags may be dusted with a light coating of talcum powder, which loosens and lifts dirt. Enclose the bag in a towel and let sit for 24 hours, then remove and brush gently. Be careful not to brush the beading too hard. 
Patent Leather Bags:
Use petroleum jelly on a soft cloth to buff and shine. Buff a second time with a new clean cloth.
Plastic or Vinyl: These bags should be washed with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild soap. Rinse well and buff dry. Furniture polish (spray type) on a soft cloth,  will polish and shine when buffing. 
Show-off your Purse-sonality with Style...

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