Monday, August 29, 2011

My "Big Valley" Stairwell...

I LOVE the stairwell in our home. It's a great place to make
 a "Big Valley" entrance! 
It truly does make the room! 
 (*Had to sneak a picture of the grand kids in here! :)
Our grandchildren, all nine, are on the stairs. Taken during a Holiday photo session, couple of years ago...
Nine is Fine!

To the left is the BEFORE picture. This picture was taken late in the  evening, therefore it is darker. Below is the AFTER picture. I used wrought iron candle holders, that I had found on clearance (@Pier One) a couple of years ago. There were 3 different sizes, and I had used them in various places, about the house. But never together!  I had seen a photo (*don't remember where?) of candles, just candles escalating up the stairs.  *Hmm..started thinking! "What do I have that would work?" Mmmm...I know!!!
~AFTER Photo~
I couldn't use the same size height on all the steps because the top of the stairs turn and, angle back down. I had eleven candlesticks and candle (battery operated) pillars...there are 13 stairs to the first landing. (*13 is our lucky number...We always joke about "if there wasn't BAD luck we wouldn't have any LUCK at all", ergo #13! :)
I liked the results...and, it has stopped the kids (gotta luv'm) from RUNNING up the stairs. Silly as it seems... but, everyone NOW walks at a normal pace up & down the stairs. Nice Benefit!
I love how it complements my Father-in-law's portrait.  A family favorite we had painted, from a photograph taken long ago.
 At night it is beautiful with the candles lit up.
So let's head upstairs...
 This is (below) the balcony style landing. It faces the front door.
The photo below shows the top of the stairs. These beautiful, very large vases were purchased by the previous owners. I consider them our housewarming gift from them to us. (*I had "fallen in love" with them the minute I saw them!)           It was a very Gracious gift to leave behind, I love their (Tom & Lesa) Style! 
I had added some sprigs of autumn colored twigs to the pussy willows and branches, along with a few western artifacts. 
(*Some branding Irons, Oil Lamp, American Indian Rain-dance stick, etc.) 
We have what "I" call the "Big Valley" look (from the old Western TV show starring Barbara Stanwyck) in other words, a Cattle Rancher Motif. 
 The top photo is on the "right" of the staircase. The below photo is on the "left". 
 This photo (below) is "looking down from the top".

Now, I can climb those stairs in "Big Valley" Style... 
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