Sunday, August 21, 2011

S'mores Anyone?...

What can make a fun family dinner better? Answer: A delicious decadent dessert to enjoy together! 
S'mores...what a simple dessert, yet suited for all ages!
Before & After...Cooking
We didn't use a campfire, we used the smoker! After dinner, the smoker was still warm. So we assembled our S'mores and wrapped them in foil. And then we placed them in the smoker (it had been off, but was still very warm) for about 10 minutes.
Perfection.....Just look at the results:
I see chocolate on those lips!
Too yummy to stop for air!
Even my Dad enjoyed a S'mores!
Simple to make:
Recipe per S'more...1 graham cracker, break in half, creating 2 squares.
1/4 (square) of a chocolate candy bar, I used a (sweetened)
 Hersey's Dark Chocolate Bar.
1 large marsh mellow, may be cut in halve for easy assembly. 
Place on a foil square and wrapped shut.
We cooked ours on the (still warm) smoker for ten minutes.

Making family moments delicious and fun...
with Style,
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Oops...You MISSED some, I see chocolate on your CHIN!


Lorie said...

YUM! S'mores are my favorite!!

Tara said...

That was a fun day and great food too MOM!