Saturday, August 20, 2011

Texting Manners...

A few rules to live by...
 Texting has become common place. With that, manners have been forgotten. Yes, there are lots of good reasons for texting. It can be a very useful tool! But consider the where, when and how. Just like a phone call, if need be, excuse yourself when in the company of others. Also inform the "one" you are texting if you are otherwise engaged. Just like any other situation, consider your surroundings and the manners that may apply.
 Everyone respects the use of manners.
 *Of course any "urgent" text should be addressed according to the moment.
 Also keep in mind who and what you text. With technology today, what you write and say in text (email, internet, etc.) are forever in techno-land. You don't want something to come back and haunt you! Besides, nowadays, "texts" can be saved and put into print, just like emails, etc. 
 If you use common courtesy it can be a great form of communication. Texts should be short and to the point. Whether you use slang or proper english. *Although, using "text" slang may be faster, it does cause concern for the demise of proper grammar. I prefer to think of it as a modern day "shorthand". Not to be used in place of proper english and grammar. I certainly wouldn't like to see letter written in "text" shorthand, or heaven's forbid a resume'! 
Texts should be short and concise.
 Otherwise, make a phone call!  
 1. Learn some text lingo. Even if you don't use it yourself, you will at least know some of the meanings.

Examples below:
btw: by the way, LoL: laugh out loud, 
 lmk: let me know,
 ttyl: talk to you later, u: you, ur:your, 
idk: I don't know, 
brb: be right back, 2day: today....

2. Watch your language. Careful with your words, refrain yourself from using curse words or hateful things. We have a large vocabulary, choose wisely and use your intelligence. Manners are always in style.

3. Texts should be short and concise. 
Sharing information, such as phone numbers, addresses, meeting information, scheduling changes...etc.
 Not a total "full blown" conversation tool.
 *"Just make the phone call! It's quicker and less annoying"

4. If possible refrain from texting while in the company of others. If you do, keep it short and excuse yourself.

5. Watch the tone you use when texting. Keep in mind how your words appear or sound to others. 
You never want to offend. 
You especially do not want your words misconstrued by others.

6. If you don't get a response to your text....don't stress over it. 
You don't know if the person has received the text or if they just haven't checked their messages, yet! 
After sufficient time, resend you message or just make a phone call. 
You're a busy person, and so are they.

7. Every text (email or electronic communication) is potential evidence! Be wary of what you write and the pictures you send. Techno-land is forever.

8. And last but not least....Don't TEXT and DRIVE.

Use your manners with Style...... ;)
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Kim from Maiden D'Shade said...

I agree 100%! One of my pet peeves is heavy use of text lingo. I don't use it at all. I can understand the use of it in a text message, but I really don't like it when people use it in emails or comments.