Thursday, September 8, 2011

Artfully Organized...

Kids love to share their art work. But it can pile up fast! 
Create a filing system that works best for you and your family. Organize items in folders, binders, baskets, chest of drawers, whatever looks stylish and is efficient.
A Precious rendition of Nana & Papa
 Prize drawings, awards, school work, photos from school or home projects.
Just about anything you want to save and protect. 
Proud Achievements
 Below is a (past) school homework assignment.
 Great idea, fun to keep and look back on years later.
Homework Assignment
This project is great for all of the treasured trinkets and papers that accumulate from your children, grand children, yourselves or your travels. When they are organized, neatly put away or stored in a clever way, the historical account of your family and their life will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.  
One of many crayon drawings
 I have a box started for each of my grand kids. I've saved all the color crayon pictures, watercolors, home made gifts, photos, school work and awards they have given me over the years. I've included (from my house) their favorite bibs, toys, milk bottles and rattles, etc. Multi-copies of family photos get filed in too!  I have in mind trunks or a dresser to store all the treasures. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet (it needs to be Special)..., so until then I will leave them in the clear storage boxes with each child's name on the lid. 
"When you have nine grand-kids, you gotta have a PLAN!", NeeCee;)
Holiday Baking Party...
 Taking a trip down Memory Lane, while going though the family artifacts, can be awesome. It's a great way to spend quality time together. 
School Projects
When my children were small, I bought them each a trunk. Over the years we filled the trunks with all of their treasures. Years later, when the kids were adults, we gave them the trunks as a Christmas present. They had fun reliving their childhood that Christmas. And, they share the contents with their own children often.
 Treasure your memories with Style...  
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