Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fair, Fun and Sun...

Summer Fun at the Fair...
 During the School year some of our grand kids raise livestock through 4-H and FFA projects. Our fair is 10 days long....makes for some very tired kids, parents and even grand parents!
 The fair in Stanislaus County, celebrated 100 years of fair fun this year!
Great job listening to the judge!

The kids put a lot of work into their animals. We love the fact that they learn to do chores and be responsible for the animals. Feeding twice a day, grooming, cleaning stalls, working with the animals to get them ready to show. Learning everything about the animal so they may attempt to answers the judges questions. Getting up early, working late. Literally, sometimes blood, sweat and tears.

The awesome feeling of a job well done, 
the trials and tributes of each project. So worth the time spent!

By the time the fair is done, everyone is so tired! But the ribbons and the experience far out weight the tired bones. Four of Five (*only half of the brood) grand kids  participated this year. We have one more grandchild (in the set if five) that will be old enough to compete next year. Although he will be an old hand next year at this game. His oldest sister has been raising and selling animals since she was nine years old. So he has spent basically his whole life in the barns every summer, year after year. 
 They have barn duty everyday at the fair.
 They teach other kids about the animals and answer questions. 
Smile Pretty Girls!
The kids love the experience!
You gotta sleep where you can! This is tired!!!
 The barns are always full of life, always something going on!
 Getting ready to show.
Waiting for the auction to start! Just couldn't stay awake any longer... 
Aren't GRANDKIDS great! Ya GOTTA love'm.
Love your babies with Style,

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Kori Donahue said...

I love the fair! We have the L.A. county going on now! Kori xoxo