Monday, September 5, 2011

The Small Guest Room...

This guest room is small. The Window is large.
The Bed is queen size. I used the Bed on the window wall, framing the headboard with the curtains. The sun is quite strong in the afternoon, so this photo was taken at night. It help to reduce the brightness of the room for the photo. 
 The photos of our grandchildren's blessings grace the room.
 The small chairs provide an nice seating area to rest your feet. Not much room for anything else...like dressers!
It's a quaint and quite retreat for guests. We use this room as a short stay, overflow, guest room. It does get plenty of use when the grand kids are all here!
 We recently, decided make a few changes to this room. Not major...but simple and completely different. You may be surprised the next time this room is blogged! I am excited about the change, can't wait for you to see for yourself.
 A Brand-New Style for the Guest Room, coming soon ... :)
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Kori Donahue said...

Love!!! The pictures are a beautiful touch! Kori xoxo