Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's All Gouda...

First a Little Halloween Humor...
I am sure there are a "FEW" who might AGREE!
 Even the Pumpkin is laughing! LOL :) NeeCee
See recipes below...
 For busy nights ahead, as we ready for Halloween....
Here's a few appetizers to keep the goblins at bay!
 Gouda Meat Balls
So good, they taste like you WORKED all day to prepare them!
1 package of chicken Teriyaki & Pineapple Meat Balls, pre cooked & packaged
3 slices of Gouda cheese, torn into pieces
Chives, a healthy sprinkle
Garlic salt, season to taste
Place meatballs in a small casserole dish prepared with cooking spray.
 Place the torn Gouda over the meatballs. sprinkle with Chives and garlic salt.
Place in the microwave on full power for 2-3 minutes. And they are done!
Oh My Gosh... Gouda Good! 
Wait....there's another simple and fast recipe below...
Antipasto Plate
1 package of pre-sliced Peppered Salami
1 container of Garlic & Chive Spreadable Cream Cheese
1 package of aged Gouda cheese, sliced into match sticks
Spread a small amount of cream cheese mixture onto one piece of salami, add 1 match stick size of aged gouda cheese. Roll closed and repeat. (see below)
Everything is ready!
Now, the assembly...
 and...instant YUM!
To complete the antipasto plate; I added marinated artichoke hearts, marinated green beans with jarred red pepper chutney and of course...
Gouda stuffed green olives.
On the side I added two flavors of nuts; toasted almonds & cinnamon almonds.
For something sweet...
Cream cheese frosted brownie bites (*I made sugar free) and chocolate covered pomegranate's!
Sometimes YOU have to eat dessert before dinner...it's a rule, RIGHT?
These recipes are so simple, they are great for small or larger crowds. They are even  Gouda-good for lunch...serving only 2-4 people!
Have some Gouda fun with Halloween Style...
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