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Decorate your Tree w/Style...

I try to decorate for Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving, this year I was already behind on my yearly schedule. This is a busy month and I try to get things decorated sooner than later. Sunday morning, Hubby asked which tree I wanted first, (YES, I have more than one tree)! The nine foot skinny tree for the kitchen, I replied. He headed out to the garage. He quickly came back! The base to the tree was broken! Just what I needed. Two days late on my decorating and now the BASE was broken. How did that happen???
 One little piece was broken and it (the tree) wouldn't stand UP!
 Solution found! We had gone to the garage to see what we could do. We both thought of the umbrella stand at the exact same time! YEAH!
This worked awesome! It is sturdy AND holds the base of the tree high. So now, there is room UNDER the tree for SANTA'S packages. Much better than before!
How to Decorate a Tree...
I leave my trees standing and covered with old sheets. This storage works well for us saving time unpacking and putting them together. (*We haven't had a real tree for years, as we usually had to travel to be with family). My trees have clear lights on them, but sometimes I add colored lights too! My trees do look similar every year, but I change them up a wee little bit here and there.
 I don't worry about the branches or shaping. I adjust them as I go.
 We have a "toy land" look for the country kitchen. I start with a used rope (lasso) as my garland. Start at the top and work down and around. Adjust garland after placement, positioning as needed.
 Next is the placement of the ribbon. Start at the top and work between the garland rows. Use the branches to secure every so often.
Let it "ribbon" in and out of the branches.
 Adjust the ribbon as needed.
 I place large items on first, randomly. Things such as; Western purses, Toys, Signs, even my old baton from my twirling days! 
 Retro Wall plaque
I then start adding large, medium and small ornaments, in that order. I have special ornaments for each grandchild that were purchased when they were born. The stars on the tree have a picture of each person in our family. Mix the ornaments in groups using all different sizes, together.
Add the Tree Topper, embellish around it if you like. I kept our "Star" topper  simple this year.

I haven't finished yet. Just a few more touches to add. My standing "Santa" needs one or two of "my big strong boys" to carry him from storage. *Hint-Hint!
I have an old wooden sleigh, books and other items in the nook. The chair awaits Papa to read his annual Christmas story to the grandchildren (ages 7-17 years old). The wooden rocking horse awaits Santa's arrival.
Deck the Halls with Style...
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