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The Deck of Cards and the Bible...

During the late 1940's this touching tale, "The Deck of Cards," was popular in the music world. This tale of an American soldier was told in spoken-word. 
A touching story of a soldier who was in church and didn't have a bible while the scripture was being read.  A sergeant sees the soldier with a deck of cards spread before him and orders him to put the cards away, (thinking the soldier was playing cards during church).  The solider is arrested and taken before the provost marshal to be punished. The provost marshal demands an explanation, to which the soldier explains the significance of each card:
The Deck of Cards
Ace: The one true GOD
Deuce: The Old Testament and the New Testament in the BIBLE
Trey/Three/: The HOLY TRINITY; the FATHER, the SON
Four: St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John, evangelists and authors of of the four GOSPELS
Five: The two groups of the five virgins who trimmed their lamps for a wedding. Five were wise (by saving oil) and were admitted, while the other five were foolish (did not have enough oil) and were shut out.
Six: GOD created the EARTH in six days.
Seven: God rested on the seven day, now known as the SABBATH.
Eight: The eight righteous people whom GOD saved during the GREAT FLOOD; Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives.
Nine: Of the ten LEPERS whom JESUS cleansed, nine of them didn't even thank him.
Ten: The TEN COMMANDMENTS God handed down to MOSES.
King: GOD, the Father.
Queen: Blessed VIRGIN MARY, the Mother of Jesus and queen of Heaven
Jack or Knave: SATAN or the DEVIL
365 Spots: Days in a Year
52 Cards: Number of weeks in a Year
Thirteen Tricks: Number of weeks in a quarter
Four Suits: Approximate number of weeks in a month 
(also means the four seasons)
Twelve Face Cards: Number of months in the year
He then ends the story by saying, "My pack of cards serves me as a BIBLE, and almanac and a prayer book". The narrator then closes the story by stating that "This story is true", by claiming he is the soldier in question.
This account of the story attained multi-platinum recognition and was No.1 in 1959 on the music charts.
This was one of my Father-in-laws favorite songs. And whenever I hear it, I think of him. Merry Christmas Dad, we miss you! 
Gracefully said with Style...
Merry Christmas Everyone...
and a special Thank You to all of our Military Personal
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