Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ohhh, Nana...

Two years ago our youngest grand daughter walked in our country-style kitchen and stopped in her tracks!
Her eyes lit up like diamonds as she glanced around the room with wandering eyes.
"Oh Nana, This is what Christmas is all about!", she said with amazement.
It WAS so darn CUTE!
Her face looked like she just walked into the Old Elf's workshop full of TOYS!
I was amazed by her response and pleased with her approval.
Last year I decorated the kitchen different...
I had moved "Santa's workshop" upstairs to the family room.
(We were going to have our Christmas upstairs where there was more room.)                                   
BIG mistake!
Don't get me wrong, it still looked great. Only different! "Different" however, was NOT how Caidee saw this CHANGE!
Caidee walked in the kitchen and STOPPED dead in HER tracks! Her MOUTH dropped open, nearly hitting the FLOOR! Her EYES scanned the room in DISAPPOINTMENT.
Can you tell she's a character?
"Oh Nana, what DID YOU do?", she said in disbelief.
My HEART sunk! Her little face was so disappointed, I wanted to CRY!
I felt like I had just RUINED her CHRISTMAS!
I was ready to change it ALL!
 If my FAMILY hadn't STOPPED me, it would have been RE-DONE! 
SO, this year we have Santa's workshop back in the kitchen. I told my daughter I wanted to be home when Caidee saw it for the first time this year!
I NEED Caidee's approval! Mostly to be back on top of the proverbial pedestal in my grand daughter's eyes!  :)
Granny's...LOVE your babies with Style... 
...Merry Christmas...
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