Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Re-Gifting; Do I or Don't I...

Tis the season for gifts. But what are the rules of re-gifting? We have all had experience with this dilemma. Either we have re-gifted something to someone or received a re-gifted gift. 
Re-gifted gifts were born from gifts that are received and don't fit the recipients needs or likes. The best way to NOT have a gift re-gifted is to KNOW the person you are giving the gift too!

There are few etiquette rules that will help you decide how to approach re-gifting.
1. If you choose to re-gift:
Remove any and all signs of previous ownership regarding the gift. Make sure there are no tell tale signs of prior wrapping, packaging or previous opening of said gift. Check for any personal messages, monograms, etc.
2. Re-gift items that are brand new, never had prior use or opened. The rule of thumb is to re-gift with-in the first calendar year. Keep in mind if the gift came from a known or local store, check to see if the store is still in business.
You don't want to be caught with egg on your face. :(
3. Some items should NEVER be re-gifted. Anything that has been opened or used. One-of-a-kind gifts or homemade items. 
And NEVER re-gift something from a close relative or friend. It could cause severe trauma to the relationship. Who wants to go there?
4. If you must re-gift; keep a list of who gave you the gift and who you gave it to. You don't want to re-gift the person who gave you the gift in the first place! 
WOW, that would be horrible!
5. It you do re-gift, re-wrap the gift beautifully! Take the time to present the "gift" in a thoughtful manner.
6. Acceptable reasons for re-gifting; 
A. If your finances are tight and you are certain the recipient would enjoy the gift more than you do. 
B. If you are attending a party, last minute, and don't have time to shop.
C. Or an act of generosity; 
Use re-gifted gifts for donations to those are less fortunate.
D. Re-gifting may be used for a secret Santa gift exchange. Or as a gag gift!
7. Consider the art of re-gifting and the responsibility that comes with it. Consider the person and the gift when paring them together. You don't want to insult anyone. Besides, not buying the appropriate gift for someone is how the re-gifting cycle starts.
8. Accept the (re)-gift graciously. It's the best solution. 
Later, if you don't want to keep the gift, simply donate it to a charity of your choice.
9. If you are a serial re-gifter...then consider re-gifting MY BLOG to all your friends and family. Go ahead, I don't mind...re-gift all you want. 
It's the gift that keeps on giving!!! LOL :)
The Art of Re-Gifting with Grace & Style...
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