Friday, December 9, 2011

Top Parenting Blog Award..."I WON"

On Thursday I received an email from eCollege Finder regarding my nomination for their Top 115 Parenting Blog Award.
See my previous article from Friday, Dec 2nd, 2011; 
"I've been Nominated..."

Keeping it short, it read:
Congratulations! Your Blog stood out amongst stiff competition and is now featured on our site as a recommended parenting resource. 
   The eCollege Finder Team
Wow, that was truly awesome! A very nice honor, indeed.
Take a moment and visit their site to see all of the award winners.
Thank you eCollege and I will be looking forward to hearing from your students/readers!
With Gratitude and Style,

1 comment :

Tracy said...

Congrats on your award from one winner to another!
I'll be posting about my award on tomorrow's post :) Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and follow it! I'm following yours as well!