Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be My Valentine...

Be My Valentine...
Every year I decorate for Valentine's Day. Most years it's the dining room table and not a lot of fanfare. Some years I go all out....decorate, a special dinner with deserts, friends over for dinner...
 This year I had fun decorating the table! I used my Chef's and faux dessert's to build my table decor. The heart shaped plates were found at Target, they have a glittery shine to them. I used my New Year's Eve napkins, napkin rings and place mats. I found the two heart shaped wreaths at CVS drugstore. So cute! I used Red Christmas decorations for the wine bottles and some shiny red decor balls (On the candle pillars) which I found on clearance at Pier One.
 Inexpensive and fun! I love bargain prices that look like they cost much more! SCORE!!!
 I love how everything came together. I was very happy with the outcome.
 One of my favorite Valentine's Day was several years ago. My IDEA was so simple, with very little preparation or cost involved...
 I stayed up late...everyone was asleep! I went through the house and garage leaving notes everywhere!
 I had made hearts out of some pretty paper. Then I wrote messages on them.
I then went through the house with my heart shaped notes and a roll of tape.
It was a lot of fun placing the notes all-over-the-place! 
 The next morning was FUN! I loved watching my family running around the house reading the notes.
 AND, just when they THOUGHT they had seen them ALL, 
they would fine more!!! 
Here are a few of the notes I wrote:
On a picture: Our love is PICTURE perfect!
On the Lamp: You LIGHT up my LIFE!
On the light switch: You can't turn off my love for you!
On the Mirror: I ad-mirror OUR Love!
On the closet door: CLOSET your arms around ME!
On the Front door: I a-DOOR You!
In the Shower: Shower Me with Your Love!
On the Drapes: I'm Draped in your Love!
On the floor: YOU floor ME!
On the Steering wheel in the car: You DRIVE me crazy with your love!
On a book: In MY book, your the best!
On the Brake pedal: I'll never BRAKE your heart!
I had several more notes place around the house. We ALL had fun that day! 
It was a great way to start the morning before work and school!
Wonderful family moments create lasting memories! 
Have A Valentine's Day filled with fun & style...
*All photos belong to NeeCee @ Pine Creek Style

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I am so doing this!!! I can't wait!!! Thanx NeeCee!!!