Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dinner for the Girls Basketball Team...

I'm tired...but I enjoyed my task!
I went to see one set of my grand kids this week.
 As soon as I got there, I had a house full of kids! Fine by ME! 
That's what I wanted!!!  :)
They love to come over and visit us often when we're there. 
We stay (in our house) just outside their back door.
 They usually have a gazillion questions for Papa! And the chatter becomes loud volumes of noise. A competition of WHO can talk the FASTEST and/or the LOUDEST always ensues.
 The oldest of the five is a senior in high school. So, what little precious time we get with her is always packed full of questions & answers from both sides. She had just gotten home from yet another function. She was telling us about the upcoming dinner for the girls basketball team at her house...on Wednesday.
 Being GRANNY...I didn't have to worry about food, or tons of kids in MY house. 
I asked her what they were planning to have for dinner and such.
 Her usual answer popped out; "IDK"! 
 Luckily I knew "IDK" was...I-Don't-Know. 
What do you mean do you mean "IDK"? I said.
 "IDK", she shrugged her shoulders. 
 Talking to a teenager these days means you have to know texting shorthand!!!
So the next day I asked her Dad what they were serving for the team dinner.
Uhhh, Pizza probably! We have a 4-H meeting tonight. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon, then a basketball game for Jake after that, then Kait's team dinner! .... So, yeah... PIZZA! 
Ohhh, That works! I said.
 I'd DO pizza too...if I was that busy! 
I told him I would make a candy board for the team to enjoy.
 I text Kait at lunch to "OK" the candy board.
 Her reply; Uhh, sure, OK IDC (I don't care). 
Me; Uh...is that a yes?
She; Ummm, Sure!
 So, I headed to town to get supplies.
While in town, her Dad calls....Umm, Kait wants Spaghetti & Chocolate milk for dinner!
 Knowing how busy they were...I volunteered to make the Spaghetti. 
 All they had to do was reheat it. They were happy. 
And you know ME,...I love to COOK! So I was HAPPY!
Chocolate Milk
Chop Salad with Ranch dressing
Garlic Cheese Bread 
Oreo Ice Cream Cake
and a 
Candy Board 
 No problem...Nana's here to save the day! LoL! 
I had fun getting dinner ready. I made the candy board too! 
The girls must have loved the candy board...it was on face book before the party was over!
My son said via a text after the team dinner;
 "Food and candy board were a hit!"
My job was DONE!
Being Nana with Style...

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Unknown said...

Soooooo using the candy board idea for Ashtin's bball team this year!!! LOVE IT!!!!