Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Room Style...

It is time to start making choices...
We are doing some remodeling around the house. I don't have one project completely finished. Yet, it is time to think about the new family room. WE DON'T have a family room now. With 9 grand kids in the family...we NEED one.
 We are building a new garage, it is 3/4's finished. The rain lately has slowed things down! But that's okay we need the RAIN! 
Our old garage is off the kitchen. The old drive way is now in the expanded courtyard. The old driveway will be a patio and side yard.
So, the picture above caught my eye! I love the openness this room and patio.
 LOVE the colors, flooring and ceiling. BUT, I DON'T know if I CAN do white furniture!?! I see VISIONS of 9 children RUNNING through this room.
 Modern & clean, a little bright....But I like it!
 Too fancy for what I need. But, I love almost everything in the room. 
Think... I need a little more comfort and kid friendly style.
 Very nice, but not really me! Love the rock WALL!!!
 Love this look! But again, there's the WHITE furniture.
Leather would look nice! I love the wood floors too!
 Love the "old world" touches. The WALLS are awesome.
 Kid friendly with a touch of class.
 Mmmm, could work but not really my style either.
 Love the colors in this room. One white piece of furniture COULD work?!?
 I love the gray sofa's. But I really need that comfort factor and seating for the (big) family.
 Wow, nice room....the...cream colored walls really finish the room.
 I must have a new thing for WHITE! I have been drawn to it lately.
Don't think this will work for me either. Beautiful room!
 OKAY, this is nice! I Like IT! But the Granny in me is screaming;
This is beautiful....I love it! Not sure I could do it though. But I love this room. Dark wood floors, Leather sofa, Keep the walls....SOoo...many decisions. 
I have had this couch picked out for a LONG time. Only in Cigar Brown leather!
This is my favorite. A little formal, a little practical yet comfortable.
Mmm, kids would love the flop factor. But I would grow old of it fast. Maybe, not the most comfortable room for a Granny with arthritis. 
I'd become ONE with the sofa!
I am considering grays & browns, black & cream for the color scheme.
Love the windows and the ceiling! A Great look!
This room is very nice! This could/would work!
So many things to consider...lights, flooring, walls, ceiling & furniture, the list is long. I would love to hear your suggestions......
Family Room's with Family Style...
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*All photo's were courtesy of PINTEREST. 

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