Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Granny's Year is looking busy....Already!

We have several family birthdays right before and right after Christmas & New Years! I look like a shopping fool when I'm at the stores!!! My shopping carts are brimming from October to April. I usually get a break in May, but NOT this year. Our oldest Grand daughter will be graduating from high school in MAY! 
(*When did "I" get THAT OLD? HOW did THIS HAPPEN?...
"Insert LAUGHTER here"!)
And then there's more birthdays in...June, July and MINE in September.
Opps! If we count Anniversary's that only leaves MAY open most years! 
But, NOT this YEAR! Oh, well that gives us eleven months to celebrate with family.
Can't complain about family time together.
CoCo...Happy Birthday
Coco's Birthday is Thursday. When our children were young I made Candy Boards for special events. The kids loved them and so did their friends. 
So it has been a family tradition for a long time! 
The kids are 30+ NOW!
 And once in a while they still get a candy board.
I thought I would share one of our special candy boards with you today...
I use candy that I can make a story out of, using the name of the candy.
 Then I write a silly story or letter for the candy board. 
I bought the candy at Target, on sale for $1.00 each. Then I use poster board or an inexpensive canvas board & colored markers.
 Use a glue gun to attach the candy.
Apply glue the back of the box or package, then place on the board.
Quick and easy!
I lay out the candy to make sure everything fits.
Then I write and attach the candy as I go.
It goes together fast! The kids love the color, the story and of course the candy!
It makes them feel extra special when they are
 the "Center of Attention for the Day". 
This year I added a clip (for paper) to attach her birthday money. 
The SPREE candy was perfect for her $pending $pree!
Wa-Lah...Finished product!
On the back, I print out the story so it may be read to a younger child. Or read by someone surprising &/or honoring the "receiver" of the gift!
I'm working on a special book for my oldest Grand daughter's graduation! When they get to this age, you start thinking about all the things you want to say to them. You know; advise, wise sayings, how much you care about them and so forth. So I have been collecting statements of advise, and adding a few of my own. I want to present this special book to her upon graduation.  
(Shhh...Don't tell her!)
Aren't Granny's the ultimate advisors? 
Anyway, here are a few I will include in her book:

Written by NeeCee @ Pine Creek Style 2011
Of course I will have to add the Christmas Card I wrote this year too!
I hope she likes the book I am doing for her....I am so proud of the young woman she has become!
Love your Family with Style...
*All statements were found on Pinterest
All photos belong to NeeCee at Pine Creek Style 
"A Recipe for a Family" was written in 2011 by NeeCee at Pine Creek Style


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