Monday, January 30, 2012

Jewelry~ Homemade Style...

I enjoy making jewelry. I have made several style's.
 Western style is my favorite! 
I love the all the colors. I try to never make one the same as another. 
 Its fun to have an original!
I mostly make them for family & friends. 
Occasionally, I donated "them" to local functions for drawings, raffles or auctions.
 A few of my beads...
 Projects in progress...
I recently donated this necklace to a local Cattlemen's dinner for a raffle.
 A friend loved the Chocolate Pearls and Brown Turquoise Necklace set I donated to the Cattle Woman's Fashion show last fall. Her's (above) had the same beads with an added rhinestone cross. She wore it to dinner this weekend!
It looked fabulous on her!
 I love the mixture of colors on this one!
 I love this green turquoise with the quartz! In a picture below, I have added a western concho. It's removable, I love having a versatile option! 
On the left is a tigers eye and yellow quartz necklace.
OH...I love the pink pearls and brown turquoise necklace with the cross. BEAUTIFUL!
Two of my favorites...
Just a few of the jewelry pieces I have made...
I love to wear several pieces together, sometimes I will add silver or gold chains to the mix. Or pearls....I LOVE to mix long strands of pearls with other jewelry such as turquoise!
It looks amazing together!
Its like playing DRESS-UP all over again!
 Wear your Jewelry with style....Girls!
*All photos belong to NeeCee at Pine Creek Style
**All jewelry was designed by NeeCee@Pinecreekstyle
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John Battelle said...

Thanks for posting such kind of nice designs.

jewelry silver

NeeCee said...

Thank you....I am having fun trying different designs! ;)

Unknown said...

DANG GIRL!!!! I love all of your amazing jewelry!!!!! When do u sleep???? lol xoxo