Friday, March 2, 2012

The Irish Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast...

The Irish Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast
A couple of weeks ago I saw some eggs cooked within rings of bell peppers on Pinterest. They looked awesome. *This was just a picture on Pinterest, there were no instructions for cooking and no link. In order to give credit where credit was due, I posted a photo of my pin!
 So, I created my own recipe from the photo. 
Please enjoy the directions below....

 Since St. Patty's Day was coming soon I thought it would make a great Holiday dish.
So, I grilled a ham steak, fried some potatoes added the green (pepper) eggs.
Hence, the Irish Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast title.
 You will Need:
2 eggs per person
2 slices/rings of Bell pepper, per person, any color (1 ring per egg)
1 ham steak per person
1 can of sliced potatoes per person 
*(I love keeping these potatoes on hand. They are great for quick meals).
Garlic pepper to taste
Hollandaise sauce, 1 package, follow directions
Red pepper to give things a kick, optional
 Prepare the bell peppers by slicing into rings. Use one ring per egg.
Any color of pepper will do. 
Make a lovely assortment of colors for a wonderful presentation.
 In a fry pan, spray pan with cooking spray. Place the bell pepper rings in a hot pan, place a small amount of butter inside the rings. Let the butter melt, then crack on egg and place inside each ring. Cover the pan with a lid to poach the eggs.
 Mix hollandaise sauce according to directions on the package. Cook and keep on warm. For a little kick in the sauce, use a pinch of red pepper.
 Careful...a little goes a long ways!
 Fry-up those canned potatoes in a hot pan with butter and garlic salt. YUM!
 Here are the eggs! Cook over medium heat and cover with a lid to poach.
 Eggs are in the pan, lid is going on....potatoes are cooking, ham is grilling...
 One ham steak per 1-2 people. Grill as desired.
 Breakfast is served!
 What a nice presentation! A special breakfast for guests and/or holidays.
"Green Eggs & Ham with Red Pepper Hollandaise Sauce"
Cut it up, Mix it up, swirl in the Yolk...OH YUMMY!
Serving Irish Green Eggs & Ham with Style...
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Jenni said...

those look delicious! yummy!

MissMOE said...

This looks amazing! So much better than other versions of green eggs and ham.

NeeCee said...

They are very yummy! And you are right.....I love this version of green eggs and ham! LOL

NeeCee said...

They were awesome......so fun to serve to guests!