Monday, April 9, 2012

Cowboy Style Loco Moco.....

I love the Hawaiian dish...Loco Moco. If you've never had it, it consists of white rice, a hamburger patty, a fried egg and brown gravy on top of everything. 
*photo from Google free images
 Most of the Loco Moco you get in Hawaii looks like this dish. But there are SO MANY versions...EVEN in Hawaii. It is served pretty much everywhere, from Coffee Shops to Fine Dining Restaurant's. Yumm-o anyway you serve it!
Another Hawaiian version....
*photo from Google free images
We have some very good friends who are Hawaiian. They laughed when I called their local dish; "Good ole' Hawaiian Okie food"!
 I've been eating a version of this my whole life. Most of the time is was mashed potatoes, beef, an egg and gravy; white or brown. 
We've always called this Okie food....good ole' leftovers, the poor man's stick to your ribs food. Growing up and in college we made use of every last bite of food, in any way we could.
This comfort food is served for breakfast, lunch &/or dinner. 
It is good anytime of day. So enjoy my version of Loco Moco.
Cowboy Style Loco Moco
by NeeCee
 We warmed up the left overs from the April Fool's Meat loaf cake 
(see the recipe in the March posts under April Fool's Birthday Cake).  
Main ingredients for this rerun (left over's) meal are:
Mashed potatoes
Hamburger patty or a slice of Meatloaf
1 fried egg per serving
Gravy; brown or white
Salt & Pepper to taste
Layer in a bowl in this order:
 Mash potatoes, heated through 
Hamburger patty (or meat loaf as in my version), fried or reheated
Fried egg, prepared over easy
Drizzle with Gravy, nice and warm
Fried onions and chives to garnish
Season with Salt & Pepper
So good with the soft yolk running through it ALL!
Everything Has Style when Presented With Style...even Re-Run's! :)
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Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I can't believe I've never heard of Loco Moco! I'm thinking my husband would love this and we always have either rice or mashed potatoes left over so I'll give it a try!