Thursday, April 5, 2012

Folded Easter Bunny Napkins for the Easter Table....

This is in my unfinished Studio/Office. Because of the continuing remodel and the disease of "Life-Interupt-Us" that plaques my family...I haven't been able to finish my studio, and the LAUNDRY ROOM AND the.... 
BUT it will happen, sometime soon...and LIFE goes on. That's for sure! 
SO... while in my office last night I thought I would try some of the folded Easter napkins I have seen on Pinterest, TV, magazines and such.  I used some cloth napkins from Target for my project. I will attempt to show you the steps without too much detail or length. 
The table is small in my little kitchen. 
So I only made 4 bunny napkins for my place settings. 
The supplies I used were: Cloth dinner napkins, twine, scissors, easter eggs, cotton tails (pussy willows) and wire cutters if needed.
 Iron each napkin to ready for folding.
 Fold the napkin into 4th's and press with a hot iron.
Place your hand in the middle as a guide and fold down each end to form a point. See example below....
Above: This is how the napkin should look. Press with the iron.
Turn the napkin over. Fold the long corners up to mimic the top portion of the napkin. It doesn't have to be perfect. It kind of looks like a kite. My napkins were NOT square, so they were a little off. BUT they still worked. 
Keep going...... don't give up....
Have some twine cut & ready to use. Roll each side towards the middle. The top is split into halves and the bottom is one piece. 
Both sides are rolled towards the middle. At this time you begin to see the bunny form appear.
Tie the twine in a bow in the middle of the newly formed bunny.
Turn over the bunny over, then flip the bottom portion of the napkin over and up to form a pocket for the egg. I used some marbles eggs I had. You could use plastic eggs and fill them with candy or messages for your guests. Kind-of-like a fortune cookie. Or let the eggs pick the lucky person to get a head start on the egg hunt or be the special guest to win a special prize. 
 Insert a dinner prayer in one of the eggs and mix them up.
The one who finds the prayer, says the prayer.
So many ways to have fun!
Doesn't he look cute? Almost finished.
Add a cotton tail if you wish....I had some faux pussy willows in my supply closet.
My Oh My, these bunnies are sitting pretty.
Show off your Bunnie's with Style....
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Happy Birthday to our Cha-Cha girl....she's double toothpicks today!!

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