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A Mother's Day Gift that Gives...

A Mother's Day Gift that Gives...
Several years ago I purchased some journals to record MY memories for my children and grandchildren. They have printed questions and you provide the answers. A wonderful idea....I haven't TRULY started or even thought about finishing YET! 
OH and...I plan on the BOOK having a LONG ending! :) 
So, that is my goal....to start MY story SOON!
This our 5th generation photo...I am the oldest child, my mother, my grand father, great grand father and my great-great grand mother. Grandma Lucy was 103 when she passed. She left me with many memories I share today with my grandchildren. I was lucky to know her the first 10 years of my life!
A dear friend of mine lost her Mother this past year. While going through her Mother's things, she found a journal such as the one I mentioned above. She read the book, cover to cover. It was a beautiful novel of her Mother's life, she share some of these things with us at her memorial service. 
Beautiful, just Beautiful!
We all laughed, cried and remembered! An amazing service, written in her Mother's words, spoken by a loving daughter, and shared with all who loved this beautiful woman and the family she raised.
My Great Aunt Minnie, from my Dad's side of the family, showing off a "family" handmade quilt. 
That is how & why I chose my gifts to give for Mother's Day this year. It is important to know, learn, cherish and remember our lives and our loved ones. It is your family history and recording even the smallest things gives you roots.
My Husbands Family Photo: I love this "Family Tea Party" picture!
Strong roots support growing Family trees!
 I used flowers as my theme. My gift is simple but it will give future generations a glimpse into their loved one's life. 
LIFE should always be celebrated and cherished. 
This gift will help preserve some of these cherished memories.
 The gift included:
1 journal; to record your personal & family history
1 writing pen
1 package of wild flower; to sow the family seeds
*(My grand children help me sow wild flower seeds every spring)
1 personal note to each person; thanking them for being a wonderful mother &/or grandmother while wishing them each a Happy Mother's Day.
1 gift bag and tissue paper per gift
Have a Happy Mother's Day full of "Personal" Style...
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