Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old Window, New Decor...

Old windows taking on new life...
R.. and I were talking, she had just gotten some old windows from a friend. I had just bought some vinyl "word sayings" and was looking for a project.
Wa-Lah!!! Project born.
 This was the original window pane.
 I sealed the pane into the window with caulking.
 Did some sanding and clean up after the caulking had dried.
 Next, I taped and papered the window pane to ready for painting
 The first coat was orange, I used a watered down brush and let the wood grain show through.
 Loved the color but it was brighter than I wanted. I let it dry.
 Then 2 step was applied in the same way only with a cream color. Yum...the color is looking just right! Let dry and then...
 Then I applied the final clear coat....Let dry and you are finished painting!
 I cleaned the glass again, then measured for the "saying" to be applied.
 Quick project with rewarding results...
                                          It turned out GREAT!!! 
                                               Loved the results...

R.. painted this window frame a pretty green! Then I, and a couple of the Grand-Kids sanded the frame to allow some of the wood and old white paint to show through.
We then added the clear coat to the frame. When that was dry we cleaned the window panes once more. We intend to place black and white photos in each of the (6) window panes. We will reveal our finished wall once we complete all of our wall decor. This project is located in one of the ranch house's!
  I'm in a "old is new" redo mood!!!
        Love, Love, Love it!

What was OLD is NEW with STYLE...
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