Monday, June 18, 2012

At Last, My New Laundry Room is Revealed...

Last October I posted the beginnings of my new laundry room....
Today I am sharing the finished ROOM! It's been finished for a while. I just had to get it decorated! Lots of "Life-interrupt-us" has plagued me this year. 
*See the post from October 31st, 2011 
 This is the small bedroom we converted into the new laundry room. In front of the large window was the only place the bed could possibly go. The window was so large the heavy drapes sagged in the middle. In spite of plenty of support. 
It drove me Nuts, Bonkers, and just plain CRAZY!
 There wasn't much room from the end of the bed to the wall.
 The plumbing from the old laundry room was just on the other side of the wall from the chair on the right. An easy solution evolved and our small guest bedroom became my new laundry room. 
*(Even better I didn't lose a bedroom. I have a solution for that too! In a later post)
 This is the same wall as the one in the above photo with the chairs. I made a matching mini curtain to help conceal the laundry soaps and such. I wanted easy access and I don't really like cupboard doors. So I came up with this solution.
 I found this rack at a second hand store for $18.00. It was perfect for what I needed and wanted. The touch of orange was perfect too! I had chosen Birds as my theme for the room. The Bird pillow in the chair is a perfect match to the orange.
 A few laundry antiques here, there & everywhere...
 The antique wringer washer is on loan from my daughter, Tara at Trendy Treehouse. It looks great under my sink. 
 A place for my sewing machine and to fold clothes. The curtains were found at Target, I love how they look.
 I loved these canvas prints I found at TJ Maxx. 
When I saw them, I knew they would grace my laundry room. 
 My Granny was a laundress. I learned a lot from her and would help her from time to time with her laundry chores. She did laundry for a living, ironing mostly. I love the smell of a hot iron blending with the fabric. 
She (Granny) also had pet birds....SO..., I didn't hesitate on my choice of decor when I saw these prints.  
 I took these photo's at night...so the color is slightly different....This textured paint on the walls is my version of an "Old World" look. 
*See my October post for details on the painting technique. 
I Love how the walls & ceiling turned out!
 More birds!
 Side view of the sink/cupboard.
 My Italian Tile, "Bella" is from Home Depot. 
Psst...Tara's handy Hubby is my contractor. He does awesome work!
 Found these bottles at Pier One, very inexpensive. 
*I am looking for just the right signage/decals for my laundry labels.
 An antique Milk Bottle Basket keeps other items organized & close at hand.
 My washer and dryer are at the perfect height, NO bending!
 Yeah for my BACK!
 Inside the old bedroom closet, I placed a plastic drain pan. This way if I want... I can hang dry a piece of clothing easily.
The closet provides easy access and storage for lots of items. Sewing, cleaning tools, the vacuum, mops, extra pillows, linens and more! 
I LOVE having this much STORAGE ROOM!
I'm Doing Laundry with Style these Days... 
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Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

Looks great! I love the bottles you used for detergent, what a great idea!

NeeCee said...

Thank you, I am loving this room! A place for everything....Whoo-hoo! I looked everywhere for my bottles and happened to find them at pier One....They are awesome! Have a stylish day....NeeCee

Kim (TheMoney-Pit) said...

What a great idea to make a large laundry room. I love the antique style of the room! It looks great!