Monday, August 6, 2012

I Don't Need to be a Beauty Queen, But...

I don't need to be a Beauty Queen, but I DO need to GET in Better Shape and WEIGH-WAY-LESS!
SOooo, I am challenging myself!
We do have several beauty queens in our family. One of them is Carol-Jean , a cousin of Dad's, she was "Miss Chico State",  and competed in the "Miss California Contest" the summer of 1951.  She is on the top right. She was a very accomplished woman whom made her mark in this world. 
One of the contestants was Barbara Eden, the actress from "I Dream of Jeannie" fame. She (above photo) is Miss San Francisco, and won "Miss Congeniality" in the beauty pageant.  
I need to Re-design, Re-fresh and Re-new.... Me, Myself & I.
If I don't do it now, then WHEN?
At my age, ("Being OVER the Speed Limit of a Road Sign"), I gotta get started BEFORE it's All OVER! 
Until ARTHRITIS became a ROAD BLOCK in my life...I didn't have to worry about weight or exercise. Maybe that was my "Pothole" so to speak!
Because, I became a "Big FLAT TIRE"...(off a SEMI-Truck)!!!
My "Road of Life" took a wrong turn and I literally "HIT the BRAKES"! 
That debilitating Accident (Arthritis) took me out of the Drivers Seat.
Three types of Arthritis caused my WEIGHT Accident! Waaa...
After 13 years, and a few spare tires later, I am taking a new road!
A slow, yet steady drive, on the "LAST CHANCE HIGHWAY".  
I don't need to be a Beauty Queen, But I do need to Buckle up and put myself in the Driver's Seat.
I am going to become the main driver of my car (body), NOT the arthritis!
I am doing this for Me!
I just want to feel and look healthy...become stronger in my body & soul.
That's the best way to "Hit the Highway" and take control of the road.
I started eating better and working out for three reason's:
#1. My FAMILY! Mostly for "My 9 Grandchildren",
 I would LOVE to be around for their CHILDREN! 
#2. For my Dad, who was recently diagnosed with Classic Hodgkin's Lymphoma and he had to go on a strict diet! 
So I want to be supportive of Him.
 Everyone loves support!
#3. For ME, Myself & I... Most importantly!
Let's get started!
Would you like to join me?
I would love to hear your comments and accomplishments.
Support is awesome!
The Rules are Simply Stylish...
1. Celebrate the Loss of inches & pounds in a healthy way.
Only acceptance...No PITY Parties!
2. Exercise in a way that suits Me, Myself & I no less than three days a week at my own pace.
Set my own CHALLENGES!
3. Eat healthier (and portion control) 6 days a week, allow myself to splurge only ONE day a week
 Do-Overs are a MUST...if I slip up...I just Begin-Again!
"We are only Human!"
4. I WILL do one thing a week for ME, just ME.
WE ALL need Me-Me time!
5. I WILL do (all of) this for ME!
I will CELEBRATE the AGE that I am... while staying YOUNG at HEART!
Join Me in the Challenge, Show Your Style...
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Tara said...

I'm in! ;D Already down 9.6 lbs today. Can't wait to be down more!!!

NeeCee said...

Awesome...glad to have company! Did my 6.5 miles on the bike this morning....YEAH!

Nanny said...

I'm in!! You said everything that needs to be said. I need to do this for "Me, Myself and I". NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

NeeCee said...

You Go Girl! ! I love your style...Excited to have you join me! Xoxo