Friday, August 17, 2012

Jelly's Ferry Bridge...

We have a one lane bridge near our home on the Sacramento River.
Jelly's Ferry Bridge
Jelly's Ferry Bridge was built in 1949.
Just a few facts:
 ~Bridge Details: Largest span, 149.9 feet, Length 940.0 feet, Deck width 17.7 feet, Clearance above deck 15.1 feet.
~ It had been a toll ferry, originally established in 1857, owned & operated by Andrew Jelly. It was serviced by Mr. Jelly until 1890. 
~Tehama County operated the Ferry Service until 1950. 
~The California Stage Co (est. @1854), established this as one of their regular routes. They were based out of Sacramento, Ca.
~ This bridge, is only 1 of 33 bridges that crosses the Sacramento River.
A close up of the road that crosses the bridge. A wooden floor with pavement over the top. 
We love our one-lane bridge. Not many of these type of bridges are left around the country.
Notice the NEST at the top of the Bridge!
That is an Osprey Nest! 
At this time, the (California) Osprey birds no longer remain on the "Bird Species of Special Concern"; compiled by the California Dept. of Fish & Game, 
(The current reference is dated, 2008).
 The Osprey's numbers have multiplied in recent years.
 Some states may still list them as endangered.
 The Osprey catch fish in flight and can reach as deep as 3 feet into the water.  But they prefer shallower water where fish school are near the surface. 
They eat mainly fish; fresh and saltwater fish. 
This amazing photo is of a "fish dance" resulting in a catch!
Osprey's lifespan is about 15-20 years. The oldest recorded age is 25 years and 2 months. The name "Osprey" made is first recorded around 1460. 
The name, a Medieval Latin phrase, means "bird of prey".
There are many articles documenting the Osprey; 
**Google Osprey, and have fun surfing the web. Lots of info to be found.
 A watercolor rendition of the Osprey Nest on the Jelly's ferry bridge.
 A watercolor rendition of the Jelly's Ferry Bridge located on the Sacramento River. Do you see the nest up top?
*(I had a little fun with a few computer program's to create these watercolors from my photo's)
A good friend of ours caught a beauty of his own...she was a whopping 40 pounds! She was recently caught at the river, near the bridge. 
We were lucky enough to receive some of the BEST smoked salmon we've EVER eaten! YUMMY!
I will be sharing that recipe real soon...Until then,
Let the River Run By...in Style!
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