Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 Me TableScape...

My Birthday was this week so I did a TableScape for ME. It's not a biggie year and I didn't have any plans. I had taken a Holiday decor class at the HOUSE of DESIGN last week and wanted to play with my newly purchased items!
 So, Voila...
Birthday TableScape
 I used my Green & White Milk Glass as my centerpiece. Then added my faux Pastries and Pastry Chef's.
 I combined stark white and shiny silver for dishes, place mats & napkins.
 I used a silver beaded garland from the HOUSE of DESIGN in Red Bluff on top of my cake plate! I love how it drapes over the sides!
Thanks Kate for the idea!
 I love this Chef! I placed a faux pastry in his hands along with a silver napkin ring for pizazz!
 Had to add a closer look! Too CUTE!
 I used my milk glass vases as my candle holders. 
They were perfect for the candles!
 Another handsome Pastry Chef ready to serve up dessert!
I also added some of my Birthday Cards as part of the table decor.
You get a birthday every year, you might as well
Celebrate with Style...
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Bon Appetit :)

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