Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm All Wet...

I'm all wet from...Water Aerobics! 
Yeah...the air is clearing, making it healthier to be outside!
My Hubby took this amazing photo from the freeway! Do you see the SUN in the clouds?
With the air in the CLEAR, so to speak, outdoor workouts are about to begin again!
Just a few pieces of pool exercise equipment can give you excellent workout results. 

I am SO ready to do my pool workout! I love working out in the water! I was never a fan of SWIMMING, but I love working out in the pool!
Its great for the joints if you have arthritis like ME!
Leg work outs,
 Running or Jogging.
Stomach & Waist exercises 
There are so many ways to exercise in the pool.  
There are tons of examples out there on the Internet, in books and magazines.
All photos are from Pinterest unless otherwise stated.
I had physical (aqua) therapy  ordered for my back a few years ago. I dreaded it because I am not a water person. BUT, the benefits of this work out made me a fan! My arthritis felt SO much BETTER!
I felt so good, I have kept it up! 
I found out ..."If you do YOUR workout right...YOU can work up a SWEAT in the Water!"

 Join Me at the Pool this week with Style...
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