Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Spicy Pig in the Henhouse Sandwich...

YES....You read it right!
A Spicy Pig in the Henhouse Sandwich
 This sandwich was yummi-li-ous!
 What a COMBO.....YummO
A Spicy Pig in the Henhouse Sandwich
Butter for grilling
1 fully cooked chicken thigh, sliced thin, (1/2 thigh per sandwich)
Bacon cooked, 2 -3 slices per sandwich
Sweet red peppers, sliced
2 green onions, sliced
Green chilli's, diced & drained
White cheddar cheese , 3 slices per sandwich
Blue cheese, crumbles or 1 slice-crumbled per sandwich
 Cheddar/Jack cheese, grated...1/8 cup per sandwich 
Whole wheat sourdough bread, sliced...2 slices per sandwich
Garlic Salt & Pepper to taste
 I placed ingredients on plates for easy assembly. Then heated a fry pan to medium.
Butter one side of the sourdough bread slices. Then build your sandwich and grill till done.
 Divide & layer the cheese on each side of bread, next add the sliced chicken
 Add the red pepper, green chilli's and onions
 Layer on the bacon and the remainder of the cheese.
Season with Garlic Salt & Pepper
 Grill both sides of the Sandwich as you would a grilled cheese sandwich.
Mmmmm...it is smelling good by NOW!
 An absolutely awesome blend of meat and cheese's!
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