Monday, October 29, 2012

Redo: My Beautiful End Tables...

ReFurbished & ReFreshed...
My Beautiful End Tables!
My Studio/Office is a work in progress, BUT I found these gorgeous end tables at the local Hospice Store. I HAD TO BUY THEM! They needed some work but they were sturdy and I LOVED the ornate detail. They were definitely an upscale item when first purchased.
They just needed some tender loving care & re-STYLE!
When our various remodel projects are finished, I can then move furniture to their proper places. I feel like I'm playing shuffle board with my furniture!!!
"YIKES, NO...double YIKES!" 
SO anyhow...please ignore any ill placed furniture or decor until further notice! 
 There were several nicks and the tops were well used. So I sanded the tops well with medium, then fine sandpaper. Then I distressed the sides, legs & table top edges, *see the table on the right.
Then I was ready to stain... 
 This is the stain I used. Absolutely love this paste stain.
So easy to use and control the color depth.
This is a fantastic clear coat spray! It has the best nozzle EVER!!!!
This is a close up of a distressed leg that has been stained.
 Distressing with sand paper added an aged look to the tables.
 I love the darker look the stain provided.
 Loved the outcome of the tables. The table tops looked amazing again.
They were re-Styled to their former beauty.
I think I heard them "sigh" after being restored to their former selves.
 Can't wait to pull this room together.....
So "their" beauty may be appreciated properly.
For now, they are "Ladies in Waiting".
These Ladies are Showing off their re-Style...
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