Monday, November 26, 2012

Shiny White Christmas...

This Christmas Tree was so simple to make....
I love how it turned out, all Shiny & White!!!
 I was at a thrift store with my soon-to-be-daughter-by-love and spotted a wall sconce....Mmmm, Idea popped in my head!
 The Sconce!
....Flip it upside down and you have a standing Christmas Tree!
WhooHoo...A Crafting Project waiting to happen!
 I found these ornaments at TJ Maxx , loved them! Bam...In the CART!
 Tree Topper!
I added two more ornaments and.....DONE! LOVE IT! 
So simple, shiny and elegant! 
 Simple Cardboard box, glue gun, twine and an ornament....
Gift Box ready and waiting for Christmas!
SWEET.....so cute!
Burlap & Bling wreath......
It came together so quick....
Foam Wreath, Burlap strips, an evergreen pick, ornaments, Santa and battery operated garland!
Easy Peasy!
My Melted Snowman...Isn't HE cute???
All you need is some cotton batting/quilting, a cardboard hat, ornaments, a sprig of evergreen and a hot glue gun!
Too Cute!
Have a Shiny White Christmas with Style...
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Hi, Im Kelly! said...

what a clever and beautiful idea!!

Helen B said...

What a great idea and I love how you repurposed the sconce! Brilliant :) I'd love for you to visit me at http://www.shadesofsafhire.blogspot.com.

NeeCee said...

Thanks Girls for the lovely complements.......i just love how everything turned out! These were fun & fast projects with fabulous results.....very pleased.... :) NeeCee