Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whoop, Whoop...

Whoop, Whoop!
3 1/2 pounds down!
Had a very pleasant surprise when I stepped on the scale today!
 My first week back to working out was rewarding!
The first week of Zumba turned out pretty good! It was work but fun too! But, I do need to relax and have a bit more fun, YA know...let go and Zumba. It will come with time, I am sure. But...with practice I certainly hope I won't look so stiff and awkward! HA! 
Like that's going to happen...... :S
Everyday I told myself...You CAN and WANT to do this...
Great Ab's & Arm's, is my one of my goals!
 AND...Then I told myself this...( see above)!
 So, in spite of myself,  I vow to get in shape and tick off the Devil himself! :) 
Now there's a goal!
*My roasted veggie's, one of the recipes posting later this week;
 "Beef, Barley & Beans Stew-oup".
I did eat better this week.  Obviously something is working since I lost 3.5 pounds this week (Just saying!).....YEAH!
Great encouragement to keep ME working out...
Who wants to join Me?
So off to Workout...Then, Write a Post with Style...
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