Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bejeweled Mother's Day Gifts...

Bejeweled for Mother's Day...
 For Mother's Day I made some very special gifts. Years ago, I had saved some broken necklaces that belonged to my husbands paternal grandmother. Recently I pulled them out and made new necklaces for my sister-in-laws. I even had some left over to myself a necklace.
 I used vintage pieces of turquoise, crystals & other beads that Grandma had from several broken necklaces.
 This one is similar to the one above but slightly longer.
 I knew the girls were going to LOVE these gifts! I was secretly hoping I would have a few beads left over for a necklace of my own!
Here are the two necklaces together.....
The GIRLS LOVED their gift! YES, they received them as early Mother's day gifts. I was so happy they LOVED their refashioned necklaces.
I'm glad I was able to give them a very special gift this year!
 I did have a few left over beads (crystal & glass beads). So I added several new beads and turquoise to make one for myself! Mine is a newer style necklace...Not really a vintage look...but that's okay 'cause I know which beads are Grandma's....AND that makes it special!
Grandma would have shook her head in disbelieve at these new necklaces....The old ones were badly broken!
"What was OLD is NEW again!"
Treasured memories live again...
 I LOVE how my necklace turned out!
 A while back my daughter and I were trolling the thrift stores....
We found a box of old silverware for sale....
I love spoon jewelry...so I wanted to try making a few pieces.
 This is not a very good photo....but here it is anyway....
This is the base of a spoon with a jewelry charm attached.
Crystal green beads, green turquoise with silver accents.
This one is for my Mom...SHhhh....don't tell her!
It's not wrapped yet!
 Buffalo Turquoise with fresh water pearls & silver accents!
The charm on this one can be removed & replaced with a different charm! 
 A variety of colors and styles....
 This one is Pink with fresh water pearls & silver accents!
 Orange with crystals and silver.
 I just made a few to get the post done...tomorrow I make more.....Tara at Trendy Treehouse will carry these in her online store starting next week! YEAH!
I hope you'll have a wonderful Mother's Day......
Have a Wonderful Mother's Day full of Style...
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