Sunday, May 5, 2013

Road Trip to Cal Poly...

We had a road trip to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo this weekend.  We combined a "Cal Poly Business Trip" and "Check-Out Cal Poly Trip" for our oldest granddaughter! 
K-8 had a major final at school on Thursday....
(YES!!!...I am old and have a granddaughter in COLLEGE!)
So since Papa had to be at Cal Poly on Thursday afternoon...he caught a ride with a friend and headed to SLO on Wednesday night!
That gave K-8 & I an opportunity for a ROAD TRIP to SLO !
 We hadn't had a "Nana & K-8 Road Trip" in quite a while!
(Mmmm...Crab legs at Olde Port Inn in Avila Beach with Butterfinger Pie for Dessert!)
We stayed with Friends (also former Cal Poly Alumni's) in Santa Margarita...
Awesome Friends, Awesome Time!

 The mission at San Luis Obispo
BUBBLE GUM ALLEY in San Luis Obispo
We did some touring, shopping and fine dining!
We had a great time!
If you travel to the central coast...Olde Port Inn in Avila Beach is a must for Seafood! My lobster tail was AMAZING!
The tables have glass tops so you can view the fish swimming below the pier! The sunsets or the fog rolling in makes for wonderful seascapes.  It makes a wonderful dining experience even better! 
We had a wonderful evening with our friends, K-8 and our new "Summer Cal Poly  Intern" for PINE CREEK. She is quite lovely and we are looking forward to her joining us soon! Welcome aboard Katie! :)
 YUMMO, the food was heavenly!
Avila Beach
We had a Whale visiting in the Port while we were there...
JUST swimming around the fishing boats!!!
Such a nice visit!
We took K-8 to Morro Bay to see Morro Rock...
You can tell the wind was really whipping around the beach. It had been unusually hot; 95! The next day was high winds and cool; 57!
Morro Rock, Morro Bay, Ca
We also stopped in at one of our favorite Antique stores while in Morro Bay; 'ANTIQUES ET CETERA' !
Oh My... they have BEAUTIFUL OLD WORLD antiques!
 Bronzes & Statuary.....
*Photos taken from Antiques Et Certera's website
Check out their website at:
You won't be disappointed...YOU will be amazed! 
Jim & Nancy are very nice and extremely knowledgeable in antiques.
Pine Creek Cattle Co.'s Cattle on the moo-ve...
So much to see and do on the Central Coast...We had fun showing K-8 the sights and our old haunts...
She LOVED touring the BEEF & Equine Units at Cal Poly, SLO.
"GO BEEF... Cowgirl K-8!"
BEEF just plain good Eat'n for any meal!
(Had to plug it!...heehee)
 We stopped at Casa de Fruita on our way home for gas, a stretch and a quick bite to eat...and of course some fruit!
Another fun place to stop when on a central California jaunt!
*Google CASA de Fruita for more info....
One of our many good fortunes from our trip!
Kinda of a nice reminder for a young college girl & her goals!
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