Monday, June 17, 2013

Five Star Lobster Dinner...

A Five Star Lobster Dinner...
Simply the BEST we've EVER had!

We recently attended New Clairvaux's 7th Annual Lobster feed. As usual it was a Five Star Quality Dinner. 
 2013@ Photo taken from New Clairvaux Vineyard's Facebook site... Visit them today!
When we arrived at New Clairvaux's Vineyard...they already had the Lobsters cooking in the pots!
Mmm...He tasted delicious! 
The dinner is held in one of the old warehouses....It is the perfect place to hold the dinner. It has old vintage charm & special memories for us! 
**MY husband's family has a strong connection to the Abby! 
Before it was the Abby it was the Stanford Ranch! 
*(Visit New Clairvaux's website or the Vineyard to learn more about the history of the ranch, land & Abby). Grandpa D was the Ranch Foreman, Grandma was the ranch cook (her food was awesome) and their sons were excellent cow & ranch hands, to say the very least.
 The evening starts with a lovely introduction to the Vineyard & Abby. 
Amy Sunseri, the Vineyard's Winemaker, does an awesome job explaining about the Abby & Vineyard and her passion for the Art of making Wine.
 Then they announce that dinner is served!
They have everyone stand & chairs pulled back, as the dinner is prepared to be DUMPED on the table!
This lobster Feed is NOT for Sissy's....
 You gotta dig in with your hands and "EMBRACE your LOBSTER"!
LOVE IT!...Color Me HAPPY!
 WOW...So ready to dig in!!!
 They DUMP the food down the center of the tables with easy & finesse !
These Guys are Awesome....In moments, WE are ready to dig in to our dinner!
 Lobster, Shrimp, red potatoes, corn on the cob, artichokes, onions, red hot Louisiana sausages & bread! MM-mm Good!
 AND... YES! WE ate well!
And don't forget...there's WINE! YUMMO!!! 
 Oh, MY...did we eat! And eat! SOooo Good!
OH...and there's WINE! Did I say that already?....
Oh ya, worth mentioning again! LOVE their WINE! 
 The perfect pairing of dinner & dessert! 
Simple & Delish!
This venue is always WONDERFUL! We look forward to this annual dinner every year....
TWO Lobster Dinners a YEAR WORKS for ME!
We meet new people every year and visit with old friends & family! We have celebrated birthdays and special events planned around this annual dinner!
 This year, a Lovely Lady, introduced herself to me and shared that she is a reader of Pine Creek Style's Blog. They had traveled from the Sacramento area to attend the Lobster Feed. They had a wonderful time and she was so sweet to go out of her way to introduce herself. I really enjoyed meeting her, it was truly flattering...
"Thank You" to this "Dear Lady" for completing my fantastic evening.
I wasn't even thinking....
I should have had someone take a photo of the two of us at the event. 
It would have been fun to share with you!
Oh Sweet Regrets...with Pine Creek Style
Hope to see you at the Lobster Feed next year...
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